The V.I.P. Titanic China

People want what they haven’t got, especially when they have everything.

When you fill an extravagantly glamorous ship with the wealthiest of people used to getting whatever they want, there is no telling what you will see. If you make something exclusive to just a few of those same people, then there is no telling what they will do to get it.

Except that didn’t work on Titanic. Only a tiny fraction of passengers ever knew this existed.

What you see is a rare example of just how far Titanic went to please their special guests and friends. Once you begin to notice the bold color and exceptional detail compared to other titanic china onboard, then it becomes clear this was something reserved for the very ‘special’ events.

Only served as the most exclusive of tables, you had to be specifically invited to dine on this titanic tableware, and that meant either privilege, luck or connections…maybe it took all three.

“Classy, flexible…it immediately dresses up any meal and instantly becomes one of the most natural conversation pieces you could serve. How easy is that?” – Happy Bailey 25 year tableware expert

Taking it one step further, from the lack of quantity of this titanic dinnerware, at most there could have only been 9-12 others at your table. Ahh, to be a fly on the wall…or even better, seated at the table with them. What was that funny story you heard?

Now Titanic’s most luxurious china becomes the perfect everyday compliment to your table.

This beautifully handcrafted reproduction features the classically bold cobalt blue rim with intricately burnished 22k gold filigree only a few people…and even fewer passengers have ever seen. Now that it can be on your table, you decide who gets to see it, and what new history is made from history’s most famous ship.

Perfectly fine to machine wash, but hand washing is recommended. It’s worth the time.

The Mystery
When you regularly serve 9-11 course meals, it naturally requires a healthy quantity of china to properly serve that kind of meal because various types of tableware are always coming and going. And if you're serving a discerning crowd of people used to getting what they want, then there will be no sympathy for not having more than what you need. Titanic was no exception.
Who Is Happy
25 years ago, Happy Bailey started a small china company in Austin, Texas and didn’t make squat. Embarrassingly enough, that sore thumb stuck out for several years until a life changing event forced a refocusing of vision on the business.
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